Our Mission

Snake Skinz believes in offering the highest quality products at an affordable price. Our products are intended to customize and protect your metal detector coil wire. Starting with a small idea our CEO just wanted to offer affordable customization, and bring a product to the market that would also solve a problem, while there isnt many coil wire issues, Snake Skinz are intended to help you project your investment before any issues may arise! For too long our coil wires have been the boring black cable, so when we sought to protect your wire we wanted to make them stand out!! Available in 8 color Skus now, and we are constanly developing new color ideas and will be luanching them to the market soon. We at Snake Skinz want to personally thank you for showing interest in our product, and for the outstanding amount of support you have shown!

We also want to encourage dealer loyalty! If you have a favorite dealer and they dont carry our products, reach out to them, ask them to stock our Skinz. 

Thank you for being the core member in our team!!

-Team Snake Skinz

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